Fear not litle children of the world. Go to bed at night and know for certain that Santa will visit.

My thoughts go thus:

Firstly Santa Clause is a supernatural being and hence is not retricted to our limiting physical laws.
This is what really happens.

Santa stops the flow of time with a snap of his fingers. Being all jolly and merry and generally overweight he bounces across the rooftops of the world in his moment of stolen time and takes gifts to all the little boys and girls.

That is what happens...but I know what your thinking. Santa doesn't visit me or I buy presents for my children. This isn't the end of the story.

In Santa's time wake comes a man being all spitefull and mean sirited and generally scrawny. He screams through the houses of the world in this moment of pilfered time and takes gifts from all the little boys and girls and consequently trashes their houses.

That is why you don't get presents....but I know what you're thinking. Our house is HARDLY ever trashed on Christmas morning and if it is WE DID IT. Well chill and let me continue.

Next we find what we can refer to as a Cosmic Cleanup Crew (primitive forms of the standard elf)who follow in the Anti-Clauses time wake being all rosy and cutesie and generally short. They float to all the houses of the world and clean up the mess caused by the anti clause.

Why, you ask, doesn't Santa stop Anti Clause, why doesn't Anti Clause kill any of the elves who undo his work. The answer is. None of them are aware of each others existence. They each hold a place in nature. And there's is not to reason why. There's is but to do.

So rest easy......There is a Santa Clause